About Us

Free Thought Research is a creative, values-led evaluation and research agency that places the respondent at the heart of every project.

We embrace social and market research projects across all sectors that demand innovative, thoughtful responses and that offer opportunity for us to support and add value to our clients’ objectives.

We are highly experienced at delivering both evaluative and scoping research, assessing the impact of an initiative on its audiences and exploring the potential for a new concept.  We drive tangible value for our clients, developing methodologies that support both hard and soft impact measures and creative and commercial scoping projects.

We believe passionately that the process of participating in research should be a positive experience for all participants.  By talking to audiences in settings familiar to them and by adopting a creative, stimulating moderating style not only do we elicit the most insightful responses from participants but also make the process of participation a positive one.

What we offer

  • Audience segmentation and insight
  • Impact evaluation
  • Trends and tracking
  • Co-creation and innovation
  • Product development and testing
  • Marketing evaluation and development


Talk to people in their own environments

By sometimes conducting groups and interviews in environments familiar to respondents – whether in schools, at home or other setting we support natural conversation and contextual debate. In doing so we improve the quality of our findings for clients and the research experience for all participants.

Seek creative approaches

Whatever your product or cause, a creative approach to research helps yield the most interesting findings. Engaging, unexpected and hands-on methodologies help motivate participants to contribute effectively.

This is particularly important where we seek to work with young people that do not have the vocabulary or the maturity to reflect on their experiences and attitudes.